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Comicon Challenge

Comicon Challenge is a fan based challenge that focuses on that which influenced and inspired the minds of millions - Comics. Each year, artists have 8 weeks to create all time favorite comic heroes or villains, with a twist. Be it a drastic change of age, an altered gender state, or a total alignment shift, Comicon Challenge offers artists the ability to create something truly original and new. From old man flash, to baby venom, to grandpa bats, to white haired Zelda, there have been some amazing entries in the past and there are surely some more unique creations to come in the future.

- Comicon Challenge

Comicon Challenge 2016: This site uses a 3rd generation mobile design similar to Dominance War VI, Unearthly Challenge IV, and the all new, Planetary Challenge 2017.

Comicon Challenge 2015: I particularly enjoyed creating the banner for this challenge. Special thanks to concept artist, Deng Yi-Jia Liu, for his help with adding some finishing polish to it.

Comicon Challenge 2014: A simple collage of previous entries by top Comicon Artists. Download: High-Res Image.

Comicon Challenge 2014: The above image is the final instance where this challenge layout was used for all GA challenge guideline pages, champion pages, w.i.p entry pages, etc.

Comicon Challenge 2011: A simple collage of previous entries by top Comicon Artists.

Comicon Challenge 2011: The first instance of the creation of a GA specific challenge that has been separated from the main website and registered with a domain name -

Comicon Challenge 2008: I did not personally create the banner for this challenge.


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