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Dominance War

Dominance War is a massive annual game art competition unlike any other! Once a year, for approximately 3 months, artists from all over the world come together to take part in a friendly 3D, 2D, and Animation challenge between communities. How it works? Artists must choose and represent a community involved in the challenge. When the challenge is over, artists who create the best art for each category, wins gold for the represented team! It's like a World Olympics where artists are the athletes and communities are their countries.

- Dominance War

Dominance War VI - An all new logo design for an all new storyline. It's with great anticipation, that I look forward to the re-launch of this universe.

A mobile friendly design was first attempted with Blizzardfest 2013. The process was then further developed with a total revision of in late 2015. Today in 2016, I carried the design forward with an all new mobile design for

Dominance War V - Looking back... I loved this challenge and miss the hell out of it, but at the same time, I absolutely fear it. Will I ever be able to surpass a challenge that brought together 15 teams, was made into various languages, had a gazillion pages, and to top everything off, featured a cinematic opening trailer?!

Dominance War IV - One massive main challenge, 2 mini challenges, 11 online communities (each with unique page designs), multiple page languages, exhibits, live events, multiple sponsors, numerous judges, 25 World Champion Awards for 2 categories (3d and concept), top 75 standings, artist interviews, artist champion quotes, media coverage, wallpaper highlights, thousands of participating artists = Good times.

A nice and clean logo here. Much better than my previous rushed DW3 logo.


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