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Moviefest Challenge 2013

Sci-fi, horror, drama, adventure, musical, mystery, romance, tragedy - Movies provide us with experiences we know aren't real, while giving us dreams to dream. They dazzle us with lives of the rich and famous, and terrify us with their monsters and horrors. They give us visions of great sufferings, and make us laugh with their wit and comedy. From the pleasures of romance and love to distant worlds and unique perspectives, we cherish our movies. Their plots become a part of us, their characters become loved and familiar, so that we learn from them. We become inspired by them, and in watching them, we are changed by them. We Love Our MOVIES!

The rules were simple. Take any character in a movie and GAME-A-FY him/her...

- Moviefest Challenge

Along with the website, the background image was also created for team GameArtisans.

Since an artist-no-show occurred for this team's background, the background image was also quickly created here for team 3Dtotal.


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