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V2 Montreal Studio

The following is a design draft for a new head quarters for and its future production of Global Art Challenges - V2 Montreal. A few notes have been added that explains the thoughts behind V2's unique design elements.

Showroom | V2 Artisans Area | Construction

In this version, the windows were changed to give the studio a slightly more modern and artsy look. Additionally, the windows in back can now be pulled up so that cooks can provide food and beverishes directly to the showroom floor. The main lights have also been changed. traditional lights, generally found in craft/workshop studios, now adorn the ceiling's lighting system.

Different floors and railings. It looked way to office like and cold. Fail! Later designs were kept more in the brownish color range.

Note #1: Although the studio should look worn and used... this version is too much! Later designs were made slightly more clean.

Note #2: In this version, as seen on the far wall on the left, the wall paneling has changed. Instead, huge tables are now mounted on the walls. To conserve space, these tables can be taken down at any time for large events like Arts and Crafts weekends, Weekend Art Jams (see, etc...

Added a basic tree in Photoshop, just to see how it would look and if a tree should be modeled into the design. The tree would be created with wires plus cement and then painted to resemble a nicely crafted tree.

Blocking items in.

After various attempts, here is the chosen sketch used as a basis to create a model from. Since space is limited, one section of the floor plan (the studio office room) is raised a few feet from the ground so that chairs and other items can be placed in storage beneath it. Also, a tree has been added to give the studio some personality and a conversational piece.


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